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Who Is Elite Guard Training?

But This Isn’t About Us.
It’s About You.

Hungry, dedicated players like you are the reason we do this stuff.
You’re the reason we’ll stop at nothing to bring the best basketball training information to those who need it most — and, most importantly, the reason we won’t rest until you’re the player you’ve always wanted to be.
We know what it’s like to wonder whether you’re doing everything you possibly can to turn your basketball dream into a reality — or, if there’s something missing from your training that could finally unlock the talent you know you have inside of you… 
…And, we know how to unlock that talent.

Here’s Who “We” Are...
And, Why We Want To Help You Turn
Your Basketball Dream Into A Reality

Coach Taylor Allan
Founder & Head Coach
That’s me. I started EGT back in 2009, after tearing most of the cartilage in my left hip while pursuing my dream of playing professional basketball. It’s crazy to say, but I think this job might be even better. I get to work with the best basketball minds in the world, and help players like you bring their wildest goals to life. It is very awesome.
Coach Drew Hanlen
NBA Skills Coach
That’s Drew. He trains more NBA players than just about anyone else alive, and is one of the only true, legitimate masters of high-level skill training that I’ve ever come across. He’s also one of the only trainers that has taken multiple young players all the way from Jr. High to the NBA. So if you want to develop a world-class skill set that can compete at the highest levels of the game, Drew is your guy.
Coach Alan Stein
Pro Performance Coach
That’s Alan. He’s a bit of a legend in the basketball training world, because he worked with many of the most explosive athletes in the world (guys like Kevin Durant, Victor Oladipo, and even NBA Dunk Champ Terrance Ross) back when they were in high school, and still developing their athleticism. If you want to become a freak-explosive, dominant athlete, Alan can definitely help you do that.
Coach Damin Altizer
Point Guard Specialist
That’s Damin. He’s one of the top point guard coaches in the world right now, and works with hundreds of players at every level, from the youth leagues to the NBA. I like to call him our “tactician” because the way he teaches the thinking game will absolutely blow you away. If you’re a point guard (or any guard, for that matter), Damin is a guy you’ve gotta learn from.
Coach KP Potts
Guard Development Coach
That’s KP — short for, well… KP. If you’ve ever watched a high school highlight reel on YouTube, and said to yourself — “Dang, how’d he learn to DO that?” — KP probably taught him how. His players are walking highlight reels, especially when it comes to breaking players down off the dribbling and finishing in the lane. Basically, KP is a beast — and he knows exactly how to turn YOU into a beast, too.

We Also Work With Some Of
The Sharpest Minds
In & Out Of Basketball:

Tim Martin
Tim Martin
Professional Player
Development Coach
Graham Betchart
Graham Betchart
NBA Sports Psychologist & Mind-Training Specialist
Elliot Hulse
Elliot Hulse
World-Renowned Speaker & Sports Philosopher
Nick Friedman
Nick Friedman
NBA Combine Preparation
Coach & Skills Trainer
Cody Toppert
Cody Toppert
NBA Scout & Player Development Coach
And Many, Many More. . .

Here’s What The Pros Are Saying
About Elite Guard Training...

Bradley Beal
“You’ve gotta have the attitude that you will train harder and with more intensity than any other player… That training doesn’t stop when your body gives up, but when your mind gives up. If you’ve got what it takes to do that, then Elite Guard Training is where you need to be.”
Bradley Beal, NBA Shooting Guard
Bobby Hurley
“High intensity workouts like these are a huge competitive edge in today’s game, especially for guys who want to make it to the highest levels of basketball. If you are willing to put in the work, the results are exceptional.”
Bobby Hurley, D1 Head Coach, Former NBA Player
Norris Cole
“It’s all about game specific, high intensity training, and EGT’s programs are amazing at giving players this style training. It’s definitely hard work though!”
Norris Cole, 2X NBA Champion
Allan Houston
“EGT’s combination of game-situation drills with quick repetitions is a necessity to improvement, especially at the professional level. Game speed intensity remains essential to my workouts.”
Allan Houston, 2X NBA All Star, Olympic Gold Medalist

But, More Importantly...
Here’s What Players Like You
Are Experiencing With EGT:

“The best decision of my life was to join EGT. Anyone that’s serious about basketball needs to get EGT. It truly changed my life.”
Mason Vranes, Shooting Guard
“I went from injured guy sitting on the end of the bench on our JV team to hitting the biggest shot of the year on Varsity...”
Noah Johnson, Shooting Guard
“This would have never been possible without EGT. The program is truly a game-changer... Even a life-changer.”
Ryan Davis, Point Guard
“I used to be very easy to guard… Then I found EGT. It is a program unlike any other. Every skill in my game is getting better.”
Eric Guindon, Point Guard
“My life has completely changed in every area. You will face obstacles and setbacks but if you follow the program, the sky is the limit.”
Matt Lehner, Wing
“I was okay, but I wasn’t anything great. Once I started EGT, my playing level just skyrocketed...”
Jackson Kasko, Shooting Guard
“I know with the help of EGT my goals are realistic. I know you’re putting me on the right path to fulfill my dreams.”
Conor Kelly, Combo Guard
“My results were amazing. Everyone told me how much I improved. It was awesome to see that, and it was because of your program.”
Jace Ericsson, Point Guard
“EGT is by far the program the has had the most impact on me. It was like my natural basketball talent just popped out.”
Noah Willson, Point Guard
“I really wasn’t happy with the way I was playing… EGT turned my basketball career around.”
Hasten Beamer, Shooting Guard
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