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Happy EGT Thanksgiving!

Hey brother, I hope you and your family are having an amazing Thanksgiving!

With the EGT family spread far and wide across 91 countries, it’ll be a little tough to sit around the table together tonight…

But that doesn’t change the overwhelming feeling of thankfulness I feel on a daily basis for this family, this game, and…Continue Reading

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The REAL Reason We Play Basketball

Hey man, happy Sunday 🙂

How’s your weekend going so far?

It’s been a big one here at EGT, where, instead of going out, staying up late, and getting distracted, we stayed in the lab and kept on cooking.

(extra points for anyone who knows the song: “while all…Continue Reading

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The Simple Science Of Basketball’s Greatest Scorers

Did you hear the news?

Apparently, someone’s got footage of Wilt’s infamous “100 point game”

(only took him 5 decades to let somebody know, lol)

Is it true?

Dunno man.

That’s not what we’re here for today.

We’re here to see how close we can get YOU (yes, you, you handsome devil), to that record.

You ready?

Let’s rap:

There’s formula for…Continue Reading