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The 2016 All-EGT Team Ballot

Alright my man, it’s that time of year again!

We’re about to name the 2016 All-EGT Teams, as well as the:

* Most Improved Elite 2016

* Most Elite Player 2016

…And if you still want to state your case before the ballot closes, hit us with your story in the comments section below.

The rules are the same this year as every…Continue Reading

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Coach KP’s Top 5 Fundamental Dribbling Drills For Ball-On-A-String Handles

Coach KP’s Top 5 Fundamental Dribbling Drills For Ball-On-A-String Handles

No one crusades harder for game-specific basketball training than our EGT team… 

And for good reason:

When it comes to turning an up-and-coming player into a serious threat on the court, game-specific training bridges a gap between workouts and games that stationary training just can’t touch.

But to throw out ALL of your fundamental drills for the sake…Continue Reading

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The “Scoring Machine” v.s. The “Natural Scorer” — Who Wins?

The “Scoring Machine” v.s. The “Natural Scorer” — Who Wins?

Today has a strange feeling about it.

Now that Platinum is officially retired, and EGT’s “Original 8” (Elite Guard Training, Elite Jump Training, Scoring, Shooting, Slashing, Defense, Undersized, and EGT X) are just a few short weeks away from closing up for good, I find myself wanting to take a walk down memory lane.

And that’s exactly what I…Continue Reading

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Elite Guard Training… Retiring?

This is a pretty huge announcement, so I don’t want to drop the hammer right off the bat…

Some backstory is needed.

Stick with me for the next 90 seconds, and I promise this story has a (very) happy ending… One you may already have seen coming.

Here’s the scoop:

Seven years ago, I launched a series of training programs that would completely change the online basketball training world:

Elite Guard Training Collection

Elite Guard Training was our flagship product, and was used by tens of thousands of players in more than 70 countries worldwide — players at every level from the youth leagues to the Euroleagues, with ground-shaking results.

Then came Elite Jump Training — the “twin brother” to the original EGT program, followed by Elite Shooting, Dribbling & Driving, Scoring, Defense, and EGT X.

In combination, those 7 programs formed the most wicked all-in-one basketball training punch available to the up-and-coming player (short of hiring a real, live pro trainer yourself)…

…And the EGT Army grew to more than 200,000 players deep.

That’s when we set the goal to create 100 new NBA players from scratch using the EGT programs — and, I realized that if we were ever going to reach that goal (a goal that no trainer or organization has ever come close to hitting), I’d need some serious help.

Which is why, almost three years ago, I left home and set out on a trip around North America and Europe to find, meet, and pick the brains of the best minds in basketball and performance training.

The idea was simple:

To bring the best training in the world, from the best coaches in the world, to players who wanted to be the best in the world — but who wouldn’t otherwise have access to that level of training.

I wanted to give players like you an all-access pass to the stuff the real NBA pros are using, right now…

…So that you finally have a fighting chance to become one of those 100 NBA players, someday.

We brought in Coach Drew Hanlen, who trains dozens of up and coming NBA stars with an incredibly intense style of game-specific training (not unlike the original EGT program)…

Coach Alan Stein, who has spent nearly two decades helping players like Kevin Durant, Victor Oladipo and Terrance Ross become the most explosive athletes in basketball…

Coach Damin Altizer, a downright brilliant Point Guard coach and basketball tactician who specializes in helping high school and D1 PG’s make the leap to the pro level…

Coach KP Potts, who works with some of the most dangerous off the dribble players in the world, from NBA stars like Patty Mills and Aaron Gordon to YouTube sensation Kiwi Gardener…

And even performance & mind-training titans like Elliott Hulse and Graham Betchart, orthopaedic geniuses like Janet Burns, and basketball strategists like the famous “Coach Nick” of BBallBreakdown.

And we’re not stopping:

Our team is STILL scouring the globe for trainers and coaches who have the world-class skill set that can take you to the pro level…

…And, in 2017, we will finally release the next evolution of Elite Guard Training — a fully-integrated platform built to bring you the best basketball training on the planet, from the best coaches on the planet.

It’s almost ready, and in early January, it will launch to the EGT family for the first time ever.

And when it does, all seven of our original EGT “1.0” programs will be retired into the vault, to make room for our new team of trainers and coaches to go to work on your game.

It’s been a long (LONG) seven years — and these programs have completely changed the basketball training landscape…

…Which means a going-away party is in order 🙂

So right now, my favourite training package of all time:

EGT Platinum


…Is open to the EGT family for the final time.

Which means, until 11:59 pm EST on Thursday, you can get ALL of the original EGT programs shipped directly to your door before Christmas morning in our signature “Platinum” box, complete with every workout manual and DVD in the system.

Plus, of course, our classic EGT training jersey 😉

This the last time the Platinum package will ever be available — and, your last chance to grab the EGT “originals” before they’re locked up for good, and the next generation of EGT coaches takes the stage.


So if you don’t have your copy of Platinum yet, this link will take you to a private discount page where you can claim your package, select your size of training jersey, and tell us where to send it.

3665b53c642c9d6fc755446b3ab7f096We’ll begin putting your box together as soon as we get your details, and we’ll ship it out to you right away — making absolutely sure it’s on your doorstep before Xmas morning.

When you receive it, you’ll be one of the last players ever to own a copy of EGT Platinum.

It’s a bittersweet day, man:

The retirement of my life’s work in basketball…

…And, the beginning of something that will shake the foundations of the basketball training world all over again.


– Coach T

P.S. I’ve always wanted to ask this question, but never had a good chance to do it:

What was your FAVOURITE program in the original Elite Guard Training collection — and, what do you think MINE was? 

Let us know in the comments below. We’ll be selecting one (maybe two) players to receive a free Platinum package next week, as an Xmas gift from EGT 😉

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How To Save Your Basketball Season

How To Save Your Basketball Season

Hey man,

I hope your weekend is kicking off with a bang 🙂

We just closed down yesterday’s Black Friday Sale, and Elite Scoring & Dribbling are safely tucked away inside the EGT vault until next year.

Which means we’ve got some business to attend to.

Now that your season is fully underway, and you’ve more or less established…Continue Reading