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Of Your Basketball Mind

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Coach Taylor
They see spots on the floor nobody else can see, and glide into them for easy baskets before anyone on either team can react.
The moment they step on the floor, all eyes are on them... They don’t earn the respect of the other players on the floor — they command it.
They seem to do it without even trying. To these players, basketball comes as naturally as tying their shoes. They barely need to work at it... They just show up, and dominate.

And Not Just In Basketball...

Why does a player like LeBron see open spots on the floor before anyone else does — while other players struggle to squeeze in a few measly buckets per game?
How did Picasso create a new style of painting out of thin air that nobody had ever seen before — while other artists toil away at a blank canvas for years on end?
What gives an actor like Leonardo DiCaprio the ability to effortlessly (and spectacularly) sink into another personality and play it in front of millions of fans — while other actors are barely comfortable playing themselves?
Why are some people natural born teachers... Doctors... Lawyers... Scientists... Entrepreneurs... While others spend lifetimes TRYING to find out what they’re “naturally” good at?
X Factor
When You Have "The X Factor" In Your Game...
Bullet PointYou make the right move, at the right time, instinctively — without needing to think about it
Bullet PointYou know where every other player is on the floor, at all times — and, exactly where (and when) to attack
Bullet PointYou can feel the full power of your skill set pouring through you as you watch the other team struggling to stop it
Bullet PointYou command the respect of everyone in the gym, every time you step on the floor
Bullet PointBasketball feels fun and effortless, rather than frustrating and “job-like” 
When You Don't Have "The X Factor" In Your Game...
Bullet PointYou feel nervous and anxious before games instead of excited and motivated
Bullet PointYou have to scratch and claw for every point you score, instead of effortlessly “gliding” your way to 20+ point games
Bullet PointYou know you have better raw skills than the players around you, but they still overshadow you during games
Bullet PointYour teammates, coaches, and opponents don’t seem to respect your game, or notice the skills you KNOW you have inside of you
Bullet PointYou feel like there’s an “invisible ceiling” over your head, keeping your true basketball potential LOCKED inside of you

Can You Really Train Your Mind
For Natural, Effortless Basketball Performance?

Like Phil Jackson revealed to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant... And like thousands of the most brilliant artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers of the world have discovered...
You can train your mind to enter into this “effortless performance” state AT WILL — and nothing will improve your game (or, your LIFE) faster.
It won’t “give” you more shooting, dribbling, and scoring skill than you already have... But it WILL unlock 100% of the skill that’s been hiding inside you, all along (which, as you’ll see, is a LOT more than you think...)
Neural Repatterning
Science has finally caught up with what Yoga, Tai Chi, and other practitioners of high mental performance have known for thousands of years:
Think about what happens when you’re practicing your jump shot. The more times you shoot with a certain set of mechanics (your form), the more that form is ingrained into your game.
Your brain is the same way — it has it’s own set of “mechanics” (patterns) that it follows, that have been ingrained through years of repetition, every day since you were born.
Your brain possess a remarkable ability to re-organize these patterns, create new connections, and in some cases, even create new neurons... Which means you can literally shape and mold the way your mind reacts to various basketball scenarios...
In EGT X, we use a simple series of exercises, along with a daily 20 minute “mind workout,” to re-pattern the way your brain processes basketball scenarios...

Since EGT X 1.0 Was First Released In 2013...
EGT’ers All Over The World Have Proven
You Can Unlock The “Natural” Basketball
Talent That's Hiding Inside Of You

We Asked 29,481 Players:
“What’s Your Favorite Program In The Elite Guard Training Library?”
61% Answered: EGT X
“My son is 13 years old playing AAU basketball at first when he began. He was always last to be picked on 5 on 5 in practice, and never passed the ball to him in games for 2 years. However, now because of your X Factor he avg. 26 points 10 rebounds and 5 assist in his 4 games today. Very proud parent, thank you.”
- Derrick Nettles
“I started watching the EGT X videos and I only got through about half of the them when the next game came. Well before tonight I had averaged 0 points 2 asts and about 5 rebounds.

Tonight I made a huge layup and nailed two clutch threes and grabbed 10 rebounds and 4 asts. I blame EGT X for my success. I just wanted to say how well it has worked so far and I plan to continue for sure.”
- David Pang
“EGT helped me to overcome my fear, improve my focus, and control my emotions. It trains the most important and most overlooked aspect of the game: thinking.”
- Eralp Kumbasar
“It transforms and rewires a player so he can be successful and get better results training when he does a program like EGT. It doesn’t matter how much time a player puts in the gym, if he doesn’t have the X Factor he’ll wash out and fade away”
- Pel Okeowo
“I had already been a decent starting guard on my travel team, but yesterday I had my first travel team game in a while and I almost felt like a mix of magic johnson and kyrie irving. I was dishing out so many nice dimes and then taking over when needed.

I had 35 points (career high) and 11 assists. Thanks for building the best mental program ever I can’t wait for 2.0.”
- Jesse Greenberg
“Before EGT X I was nervous every time before a game. Even when I thought about the game back at my house I was nervous. Also I would always make careless decisions on the floor. Now, I’m the player that leads my team because my basketball IQ is so high.

EGTX completely changed my game, even my entire life. It changed the way people view me as a person and as a player. I can’t thank you enough for EGT X.”
- Kash Kumar
“Everyone who plays at the high school and college level are going to be skilled, but to be able to play at the pro and NBA level you need something more than skill. Only EGTX can separate you from the pack.”
- Elizabeth Yoon
“You made varsity! That’s what I hear my freshman year of basketball tryouts. The BEST day of my life. My family rejoiced and congratulated me. I made varsity because of EGT X’s mindset training. It made me a top player in the state.”
- Luke S.
“It transformed my on court play by putting me in a Zen state every time I play. But the real reason I love EGTX is because it transformed me as a person.

Using the goal-setting exercise in EGTX, I pulled my grade in History from a 74 to a 97. My grade in foreign language class is also on the rise, going from an 80 to an 87. I’m looking to get into college soon and I’m using your EGTX program to get an athletic scholarship AND academic scholarship.

Also, by using the “Clarity” portion of your EGTX program, I’ve been able to really see why, in years past, I haven’t been successful in basketball and in school, and I have a better view of my whole life.

It has changed every aspect of my life forever, from basketball to nutrition to mistake response to goal setting, to just having a strong mind and taking right action on and off the basketball court.”
- Daniel Akinola
“It truly had such a profound effect on my life. I got into meditating, grounding, reading, learning, being productive, achieving my goals.

I honestly cannot imagine what my life would have looked like without EGT X… I wouldn’t have started my own website, I wouldn’t have gone to prep school in America (I’m from Europe) to chase my dream of playing in the States… That’s just for starters lol!”
- Ralph Slond
“It completely revolutionized my life allowing me to be free from the prison of my thoughts and see life as I hadn’t seen it before. It gave me altitude, wouldn’t you say? ;)”
- Joao Fernandes
“My favourite was by far EGTX because it taught me the CUPEK formula, that teaches you to stay focused, play in the present moment, and control your emotions.

Also in the videos you sound very passionate. Anyone can tell you like what you do.”
- Daniel O’Shea
“It separates from all other programs because of the fact that it focuses on much more than basketball. Instead of helping players with just basketball skill, you go beyond them mentally and spiritually, which I respect very much.

The fact that it took you such an insane amount of time to curate is incredible and I believe EGTX is your masterpiece.

It has completely refined my game and daily life. Again, thank you Coach Taylor for your commitment to help the EGT Family pursue greatness.”
- Jyrus Cadman
“My favourite program was absolutely EGTX. The content inside was just so mind-blowing and deep, definitely not what I expected at all. It taught me life skills I will use forever.

The training was so unique and effective, and after watching the videos and doing the exercises, my entire view of the basketball world completely changed.

But not just in the world of basketball, it improved all areas of my life. I think differently now, have better relationships, and I’m enjoying life so much more.

I had no idea basketball training could be this powerful.”
- Adam Tian
“There NEEDS to be an EGT X 2.0. PLEASE make one.”
- Dan W.M.

I’ve Spent The Last 4 Years
Relentlessly Studying, Practicing,
And Refining The Skills I Taught
In The Original “EGT X” Course

The jungle of Hawaii, where I learned advanced techniques for sharpening focus and concentration from Taoist meditators
The temples of Japan and India, where I learned how to work with the natural energies of the body and mind to make every thought and every movement flow effortlessly
The bustling cities of New York and Los Angeles, where I learned performance and leadership secrets from some of the world’s top Entrepreneurs and CEOs
...And today, for the first time ever, I’m revealing what I consider to be “my masterpiece”
EGT X 2.0
Main product

In The Next 90 Days, We’re Going 
To UNLOCK The Full Power Of Your
Basketball Mind... And, Your True
Potential As A Basketball Player

Here's How EGT X2.0 Works
Phase 1
The X Factor Unlocked
(Day 1 - 7)
In your first 7 days on the program, you’ll go through a series of exercises that will give you real, tangible experiences of “The X Factor.”
You won’t just understand it — you’ll literally EXPERIENCE it in your mind and in your body, over and over until the feeling is undeniable. These exercises will unlock the “X Factor” inside of you, and open you up to the TRUE potential of your basketball mind.
You’ll receive one video each day for 7 days, and each video will walk you through a new X Factor exercise.
Phase 2
The X Factor Activated
(Day 8 - 90)
Once you’ve unlocked The X Factor using the exercises in Phase 1, we’ll begin teaching you to activate it at will, so that you can sink into “The X Factor” any time you want to.
Our goal is to make natural, effortless basketball performance your default state, so you can simply show up and play — without nerves, without fear, and without holding any of your talent back, ever.
Every week, you’ll receive a brand new video with a new lesson and a new exercise that will activate the X Factor deeper in your mind and body, until it becomes completely natural. You’ll also be following our daily 20 minute “basketball mind” workouts to activate The X Factor deeper and deeper into your game.
Phase 3
The X Factor Unleased
(Day 91 - Beyond)
After 90 days on the program, you’ll know exactly what The X Factor is, where to find it inside yourself, and how to activate it at will, every time you step on the court.
But, just like Kobe and MJ learned from Phil Jackson, continuing to improve “The X Factor” in your game is a lifelong pursuit — the deeper you go, the more powerful you realize you TRULY are.
So in Phase 3, you’ll get access to a plan for continually developing The X Factor in your mind, so that it becomes a natural piece of your game, and your life.
And remember, The X Factor does not just apply to basketball — our players have used these techniques to win academic scholarships, start successful businesses, improve their personal relationships, and live dramatically happier, more successful lives.

The X Factor Is The
Master Skill That Controls
All Other Skills

Your shooting accuracy will increase...
as your natural confidence becomes more and more automatic, and you begin EXPECTING shots to go in the moment they leave your fingertips
Your ball handling and dribbling skills will sharpen...
as you begin tuning into your natural “command” over the ball and the court
Your scoring and playmaking ability will explode...
as you begin seeing gaps on the floor that nobody else can see, and intuitively know the right decision to make every time down the floor
Your defensive presence will grow...
as you begin expecting to completely lock your man down, no matter who you’re guarding

We’re Not Making You A
Better Player... We’re Making
You An Entirely New Player 

You’ll develop an easy in-game confidence...
that is never shaken, no matter how much pressure you feel to perform
Your pre-game nerves and anxiety will evaporate...
leaving only a clean, pure excitement for playing the game you love
You’ll command respect and attention...
from everyone in the gym, every time you step onto the floor
You’ll stop being “trapped in your head” during games...
stop wondering what other people are thinking of you, and stop trying to “think” of the right move to make — and begin playing naturally and effortlessly, the way you know you can
You’ll feel like you’ve finally “broken through” to your true potential...
and know that you’re capable of achieving everything you want to in basketball — and, in life

My Personal 1 -Year Guarantee

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Just shoot us a quick email at helpdesk@eliteguardtraining.com and we'll give you every penny back, no questions asked.

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