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When a pro team needs to kick their point guard production into high gear, Damin Altizer is the first guy they call… For one very specific reason:
Damin has developed a complete arsenal of advanced point guard tactics that supercharge your back court instincts, offensive skills, and court vision ­taking you from average up & comer to pro ­ready point guard.
Damin is a former All-­State point guard and ACC Champion at the University Of Virginia.
His training resume includes NBA guards, Euro league superstars, D1 standouts and high school All Americans.
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6 Skills Damin Is Adding
To Your Game Today


Pro Backcourt Instincts

Effortlessly control the flow of the game


Crazy Court Vision

Vividly see the floor like a true "natural"


Quick Perimeter Moves

Easily break down the toughest defense


"Floor General" Leadership

Quickly become your teams's go-to-guy


Perfect Reads & Reacts

Attack even the smallest gaps in the defense


Explosive Point Guard Skills

Develop ball handling, shooting, and quickness

Inside Advanced PG Training

Part 1
Here's a Few of the Skills You'll Learn:
checkStockton's Secret: Damin’s patented method for developing "True Ambidexterity", so that you never have to worry about handling the ball at high speeds with either hand
checkThe 3-Step Explosion Technique: The secret to lightning-quick first step speed that every pro point guard knows, but won’t share
checkNash Passing: An innovative method for perfect passing angles, making every pass you throw laser-accurate, even under intense pressure from the defense (your teammates will love you for this one)
checkMidrange Mastery: How to develop an unstoppable pull up jumper (mandatory for any high level point guard) that you can score at will with - even when the defense takes away every other offensive option
checkFloat Like Tony: A dizzying array of advanced-level floater techniques, straight from the best small finisher in basketball
checkCurry Range: How to develop shooting range so deep that the defense has no choice but to play you all the way up the court (giving you free reign to blow straight by him all game long)
And much, much more...
Part 2
Here's a Few of the Skills You'll Learn:
checkThe Kyrie Irving Counter: How to instinctively make the perfect counter-move (or double-counter move) when the defense cuts off your first option, giving you almost limitless
checkAwesome In The Open-Court: Lead the charge and create pro-level plays at will, just like the world’s top floor generals
checkPick & Roll Tricks From The Pros: Utilize this "bread-and-butter" perimeter move the right way - the way every coach and scout desperately looks for in a point guard
checkThe Rondo: Exactly how to attack multiple layers of defense, without ever getting cut off from the hoop - giving you near-unstoppable slashing ability on the perimeter
checkSeparation Secrets: How to create space any time you want to get a shot off, especially against ultra-aggressive defenders
And much, much more...
Part 3
Here's a Few of the Drills You'll Use:
checkThe Tennis Ball Sequence
checkThe Counter-Attack Drill
checkThe Shooter’s Triangle
checkPick, Pop & Rolls
checkThe Superman Series
checkPoint Guard Strength
checkThe Step Back Series
checkThe Body Roll
checkThe Tight Spaces Drill
checkAdvanced Two Ball Finishing
...And Much, Much More!

What The Pros Are Saying:

Hernando Planells
“Having coached players at the NBA level I can tell you that Damin's training is completely effective. His innovative ability to teach, demonstrate and motivate are unparalleled at any level!”
Hernando Planells-NBA Scout
Omar Khanani
“As a pro I've played against and worked out with guys from all levels including numerous NBA players, and Damin's as good as they come because he's willing to go that extra mile to figure out how to make you a better player.”
Omar Khanani-European League Pro
Austin Nichols
“My experience was great. Everything was intense and I learned a lot!! I loved the workouts and they improved every aspect of my game.”
Austin Nichols-ESPN Top 10 Recruit
Andrew Rowsey
“The workouts are as challenging as they get and keep you working and pushing yourself non­stop. I've been progressing every day doing the stuff I've learned from him and taking it back to do myself. He's taught me a lot and it's improved my game tremendously.”
Andrew Rowsey-D1 Guard, UNC-Asheville
Adams Ahmadu
“Last year, I was an unsigned senior and was pretty stressed about the whole recruiting process. Damin's training led to me signing with a D2 school!”
Adams Ahmadu-NCAA Division 2 Guard
SJ Tuohy
“The drills are things that you could not think of on your own, but have simple principles that can really improve many parts of your game. I've worked out with a lot of people, but none prepare you more than Damin does.”
SJ Tuohy-D1 Guard, Loyola
Matt Sossamon
“Damin will bring out the best in any player, pushing them to their limits. Damin has made me stronger mentally, physically, and an overall better player with his explosive and detailed workouts!”
Matt Sossamon-Euroleague All Star
John Williams
“Damin helped me improve all areas of my game and truly loves training athletes. I hope to continue training with him and improving my skills”
John Williams-Harlem Globetrotters
Cade Lemcke
“Every time our guys work out with Damin they leave the gym feeling exhausted, challenged, but most importantly inspired to get back in the gym and get after it again!”
Cade Lemcke-Program Director for East Coast Fusion
Abed Alliak
“If you want to be an average player, train with average drills. But this is another thing! These drills are definitely ELITE and the way it it put out is so simple. This training has no competition!”
Abed Alliak-Lebanese Pro
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