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Pro Performance Coach Develops The ONLY Completely
Individualized Vertical Jump Training System Built
Specifically For Basketball Players

Just A Few Of The Pros Coach Stein Worked With When They Were In High School...

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

Golden State Warriors
Terrance Ross

Terrance Ross

Orlando Magic
Greivis Vasquez

Greivis Vasquez

Brooklyn Nets
Victor Oladipo

Victor Oladipo

Indiana Pacers
Jerami Grant

Jerami Grant

OKC Thunder
Jerian Grant

Jerian Grant

Chicago Bulls

Meet Coach Alan

When the best players in the world need a rapid increase in speed, strength and explosive power… Alan Stein is the man they call.

Alan is the owner of StrongerTeam, and the head strength and conditioning coach for the Nike Basketball Summer Academies. He is a former coach of the NBA Player Association’s Top 100 Camp… Former strength & conditioning coach for the McDonald’s All-American game… And, current head coach at the nationally renowned DeMatha Catholic High School — a school that has produced more NBA players than almost any other high school in the history of basketball.

Bottom line: when it comes to building a pro-level basketball body, Alan is the best in the world.

Coach Stein has been a performance coach at Skills Academies for LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant.
Alan’s Training Has Been Featured In:
SLAM Dime ESPN b o m

Meet Sir Issac

He’ll Be Your Elite Jump Training Tour Guide...

Standing at only 5’10”, “Sir” Issac White holds the crown as one of the best dunkers on the planet today. Issac finishes dunks that NBA players — who stand half a foot taller — can only dream of, which is why we brought him in to demonstrate the Elite Jump Training workouts — and, to show you what life is like above the rim...

Elite Jump Training by Coach Alan Stein
Is The Final Product Of 15 Years Of Pro-Level
Vertical Jump Training Experience

phase #1

Phase #1:

Discover Your Individual
"Jumping Type"

Ever wonder why some players can add 12 inches to their vertical using plyometrics, while others only get bad knees and don’t gain an inch? Or, why strength training turns some players into beasts, while only making other players slower, and more bulky on the court?

Never knowing your individual Jumping Type is the #1 reason most players fail to ever increase their vertical — and, never get to experience the feeling of playing above the rim.

Which Jumping Type Are YOU?


Type 1: Speed Type


Type 2: Strength Type


Type 3: Spring Type

That’s why, when you first join EJT, Alan will give you his simple, proven system for discovering your own individual “Jumping Type” in less than 3 minutes. And, once you know your jumping type, Alan will show you the exact training program you should be using — for that Jumping Type — to skyrocket your jumping power.

Knowing your Jumping Type is like unlocking the secret code to your true jumping potential — once you unlock it, adding explosive power becomes effortless.

phase #2

Phase #2:

The 12 Day Vertical
Jump Injection

Almost every basketball player has between 2-6 inches of vertical jump “locked” inside his legs — and after more than 15 years of working with hundreds of players all over the world, Alan has developed a 12 day “injection” program for unlocking those hidden inches to give you an almost instant increase in vertical jump and explosive power.

graph of improvements going upward

You'll use this program during your first 12 days of EJT, before moving on to your individualized “Jumping Type” program.

* Numbers are obviously hypothetical and only represent a result you could expect if you follow the 12 day program perfectly. Every player is different, and will respond differently to the training, depending on factors such as Jumping Type, current vertical leap, muscular tightness, muscular fatigue, etc.

phase #3

Phase #3:

The Personalized Year-Round
EJT Training System

Now that we know your Jumping Type, and we’ve unlocked all the explosive power that was hiding inside your body, it’s time to custom-build the perfect training program for YOU, as an individual player.

The EJT system has programs for every age, skill level, and time of year — all you need to do is tell us:

1Your Jumping Type

2Your Age

3What Season You’re Currently In:
Off-season, Pre-season, or In-season

...And the EJT system will give you a completely customized training program that’s tailored perfectly to YOU, and your personal attributes. This is the pinnacle of vertical jump science, and the closest thing to having Alan in the room next to you.

phase #4

Phase #4:

Peak & Unleash

Now that we’ve skyrocketed your vertical jump, speed, and explosive power, it’s time to unleash it on every player who stands in your way.

Using your individual Jumping Type, Alan will give you a simple, streamlined program for “peaking” your vertical jump at the perfect time — the first day or tryouts, a big game, or even (for our dunking pros) a national dunk contest.

graph of improvements going upward

Alan’s “Peak & Unleash” system is the perfect way to guarantee maximum vertical, exactly when you need it — and, to guarantee your coach and teammate’s jaws will drop when they finally see you on the court after a full cycle of EJT.

Here’s A Small Taste Of What Will
Happen Over The Next 6-12 Weeks…

Smooth, Effortless Movement On The Basketball Court

As your explosive power, speed, flexibility, and muscular firing patterns improve, you’ll begin to take on a silky-smooth playing style that captures attention every time you step on the floor.

A Lightning-Fast First Step That Can Beat Almost Any Defender

On top of the gains you make in your vertical jump, you’ll also gain the rare type of speed that can start and stop on a dime, leaving defenders spinning in place like tops.

Finish Around The Rim At Will

Challenge the other team’s big man any time you want to… Explode off the ground like a rocket before finishing with a soft layup, or — if you’ve got what it takes — a hard dunk.

Become Blazing-Fast With The Ball In Your Hands

Develop basketball-specific speed that’s capable of single-handedly controlling the pace and flow of every game.

Drop Jaws Every Time You Step On The Court

Many of Alan’s athletes have become human highlight reels (just look at Terrance Ross and Victor Oladipo!) As you advance through EJT, you’ll find yourself instilling fear inside every team you face.

Rapid, Career-Changing Increases In Vertical Jump & Explosive Power ...Using the most advanced vertical jump training science in the basketball world today.

100% Guaranteed!

My Personal 1 -Year Guarantee

"As always, you're fully protected by our one year money-back guarantee. Feel safe and secure as you customize your order, knowing that you can get a full refund on any or all parts of your purchase."

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