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Veteran Performance Coach Reveals...
The Right Way To Build Athletic,
Basketball-Specific Muscle
In Your Upper Body

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Coach Alan
When the best players in the world need a rapid increase in speed, strength and explosive power… Alan Stein is the man they call.
Alan is the owner of StrongerTeam, and the head strength and conditioning coach for the Nike Basketball Summer Academies. He is a former coach of the NBA Player Association’s Top 100 Camp… Former strength & conditioning coach for the McDonald’s All-American game… And, current head coach at the nationally renowned DeMatha Catholic High School — a school that has produced more NBA players than almost any other high school in the history of basketball.
Bottom line: when it comes to building a pro-level basketball body, Alan is the best in the world.
As Featured On:
Just A Few Of The Pros Who
SWEAR By Coach Alan's Training...
Jerami Grant

Jerami Grant

OKC Thunder
Terrance Ross

Terrance Ross

Orlando Magic
Victor Oladipo

Victor Oladipo

Indiana Pacers
Markelle Fultz

Markelle Fultz

Philadelphia 76'ers
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

Golden State Warriors
Jerian Grant

Jerian Grant

Chicago Bulls

In Today's Game, Strength & Muscle
Are Not Optional... They're Mandatory

NBA muscle
BUT, That Doesn't Mean You Should:

Use silly bodybuilding workouts that make you tight, bulky, and injury-prone


Do heavy powerlifting methods like max bench presses that wreak havoc on your joints


Load up on unhealthy protein powders and supplements that will damage your internal organs and toxify your body

Finally: Build Lean, Athletic
Muscle That Actually Helps Your Game...
Without Ruining Your Jump Shot, Handles, or Quickness

Here's How The Program Works:
Step 1
Select Your Program
Step #1
Young Guns
...If you're not yet in high school, and want a safe and effective way to build strength and muscle
Up & Comers
...If you're in high school and want to dominate your league while preparing your body for the college level
Future Pros
...If you're currently in college, or training to make the jump to the pro leagues
Step 2
Select Your Season
Step #2
...To build maximum strenght, muscle, and athleticism during your months away from the team
...To "peak" your physical condition and start your main season in the best shape of your life
...To increase, sharpen, and refine your upper body strength, keep yourself playing in peak form all year long
Step 3
Get To Work
Step #3
You'll Be In The Gym...
2-3 Days Per Week
You'll Train For...
30 Minutes Per Workout
You'll Begin To See Results...
Within A Few Short Weeks, GUARANTEED

Weights Or No Weights?
You Decide

No Weights
Coach Alan has designed a bodyweight variation of the program for players who either don't have access to a weight room, or aren't ready to lift weights yet

In Just 30 Minutes Per Day,
2-3 Days Per Week, You Can:


Build Lean, Athletic Muscle...

...That actually helps your game and makes you a better player


Gain Strength & Increase Performance...

...In every major muscle group in your upper body


Injury-Proof Your Body...

...And cure the nagging aches and pains in your back and shoulders


Go Toe-To-Toe...

...With the strongest, most aggressive players in your area - and win


Enjoy The Confidence That Comes With...

...Being the toughest player on the floor, every time you play

The 1 Year EGT Guarantee
365 Days of Results, Or We Pay For Your Program

Feel safe and secure as you place your order, knowing that you can get a full refund any time in the next year, if you decide you don’t like the training.

We’ve been offering this guarantee for over 7 years, and less than 3% of our players ever take us up on it — because our programs work. So start training now, with the confidence that you’re finally about to get the results you’ve been looking for. We guarantee it.

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