How To Break Anybody
Down Off The Dribble And
Get To The Rim At Will

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Coach Taylor
Since retiring his pro career (Ireland, FIBA), KP has trained players at every level of the game, from high school to the NBA.
His client roster includes some of the most dangerous guards to come out of the Bay area, including Aaron Gordon (Magic), Patti Mills (Spurs), and Jared Cunningham (Bucks), as well as YouTube sensation and Oakland basketball legend Kiwi Gardener.
Bottom line, KP creates some of the scariest perimeter guards on the planet. If you’re a point guard or shooting guard looking to play at the highest levels of basketball, learning from KP is a must.
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What The Pros Say About Training With KP:
“KP knows how to get you better at the highest level. He focuses on the details of the game that you need to be great.”
Aaron Gordon - Orlando Magic
“I was the 1st person to go through KP’s full program. He took my game to a whole new height.”
Kiwi Gardener - ASEAN League Pro
“KP’s training is hands-on and game specific. The concepts he teaches get me game IQ and game conditioning at once. Love KP’s workouts during my offseason!”
Brittany Boys - WNBA Liberty
“I’ve been working out with KP for the past 7 summers. He designs workouts for exactly what my game needs. The PG mentality he brings me is invaluable.”
Paris Austin - D1 Junior
“KP’s training got me ready for my return to the NBA. He pays attention to the details and really pushed me to another level.”
Patty Mills - San Antonio Spurs
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How To Beat Anybody
Off The Dribble
With Coach KP Potts
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Here's How It Works

Phase 1
The Blow-Bye

In phase one, we’ll arm you with a series of straight-up attacks that will beat your man in two dribbles or less. These moves will get you quick buckets, so they should be your FIRST option, every time you size up your man on the perimeter.
Here's What You'll Learn:
CheckSlashing Science: The perfect point of attack within any offensive set that allows you to slice to the hoop with minimal trouble from help defense
CheckBody Angle 101: How to use hip and shoulder angles to cut off your defender’s range of movement, making him helpless to your attack
CheckOff-Hand Trickery: The subtle little one-hand move that has become a secret weapon for the best slashers in basketball
CheckUnstoppable First Step: An easy footwork “tweak” that can as much as double your first step speed
CheckThe Simplest Move In Basketball: The ultimate first-option move every time you size up your defender for an attack 
CheckAnd much, much more...
Phase 2
The Go-To

Now that you have a simple series of moves to blow by your defender in one or two dribbles… We can start making you SHIFTY. In Phase 2, KP will add a series of dribble moves to your arsenal that will shake even the toughest defenders.
Here's What You'll Learn:
CheckThe Super-Hesi: The quickest way to “freeze” any defender and leave him rocking on his heels as you sail by him to the rim
CheckThe Anti-Cross: A subtle tweak you can make to any crossover move that makes it much (much) harder to defend
CheckThe Head Fake-Fake: The “big secret” to getting a defender to bite HARD on every head fake you throw (KP’s guys flat-out embarrass defenders with this one)
CheckMake Him Look Silly: How to use your defender’s momentum against him so that the harder he tries to stop you, the SILLIER he looks when he bites
CheckThe Classic Crossover: How to master the most effective off the dribble move of all time, and its variations
CheckAnd much, much more...
Phase 3
The Counter

In the final phase, KP will teach you the big secret to becoming completely unstoppable off the dribble — knowing how to counter, every time your defender stops your first move.
Here's What You'll Learn:
CheckCounter Instinct: How to instinctively know which counter move to make, based on where (and how) your defender stops you
CheckThe Reverse-Move: How slashers like Steph & Kyrie turn go-to-moves into “decoy” moves that create wide open attack angles for drives and pull-ups
CheckThe Picture Perfect Stop & Pop: How to know exactly when to turn the corner on your defender… And, when to stop and pull up for your jumper 
CheckThe Cross-Counter: How to turn the classic crossover into a deadly counter move, any time your first move is taken away
CheckThe Super-Counter: How KP teaches his pros to master their counters and become some of the top off-the-dribble players in the world
CheckAnd much, much more...

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