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Coach Taylor
Since retiring his pro career (Ireland, FIBA), KP has trained players at every level of the game, from high school to the NBA.
His client roster includes some of the most dangerous guards to come out of the Bay area, including Aaron Gordon (Magic), Patti Mills (Spurs), and Jared Cunningham (Bucks), as well as YouTube sensation and Oakland basketball legend Kiwi Gardener.
Bottom line, KP creates some of the scariest perimeter guards on the planet. If you’re a point guard or shooting guard looking to play at the highest levels of basketball, learning from KP is a must.
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What The Pros Say About Training With KP:
“KP knows how to get you better at the highest level. He focuses on the details of the game that you need to be great.”
Aaron Gordon - Orlando Magic
“I was the 1st person to go through KP’s full program. He took my game to a whole new height.”
Kiwi Gardener - ASEAN League Pro
“KP’s training is hands-on and game specific. The concepts he teaches get me game IQ and game conditioning at once. Love KP’s workouts during my offseason!”
Brittany Boys - WNBA Liberty
“I’ve been working out with KP for the past 7 summers. He designs workouts for exactly what my game needs. The PG mentality he brings me is invaluable.”
Paris Austin - D1 Junior
“KP’s training got me ready for my return to the NBA. He pays attention to the details and really pushed me to another level.”
Patty Mills - San Antonio Spurs
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How To Finish Over Anybody
With Coach KP Potts
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Here's How It Works

Phase 1
Attacking The
2nd Line of Defense

The first key to finishing at the rim is being able to read the help defense, so you can set yourself up for an easy finish around the hoop. In phase 1, we’ll arm you with a series of moves that will get you to the rim no matter who’s rotating over to stop you. 
Here's What You'll Learn:
CheckReading The Help Defense: How to know exactly how the help defense will rotate BEFORE you beat your defender, so you always know which finishing move to make
CheckMaking STRONG Moves: The easiest way to be strong with the ball on every attack, so no defender can strip you on your way to the rim
CheckIn & Out Series: A lightning-quick attack that leaves defenders rocking on their heels before you sail by them for an easy finish
CheckThe Short Hesi Series: How to master the “short” hesi that makes every help defender lunge to stop your jump shot — leaving you wide open to attack the rim
CheckThe Spin Series: The proper way to perform the spin move so that you can combine and counter it with any other move or finish in your arsenal
CheckAdvanced Euro Stepping: How PRO-level guards to do the classic euro-step to create maximum separation against help defenders
CheckBeating The 3RD LINE Of Defense: How to read and react to any extra defense that might rotate to stop you… AND, the 3 passes you MUST be able to make if you get stopped on your way to the rim
Phase 2
Finishing At
The Rim

Once you’ve beat the 2nd line of defense, you’ll need a soft touch and strong moves that can go over, under, around, and through any big man who stands in your way. In this phase, KP will teach you real finishes that the pros use around the rim.
Here's What You'll Learn:
CheckThe Finisher’s Touch: How to master your touch around the rim so that every finish becomes automatic
CheckUsing English: How to spin the ball off the backboard from any angle to make sure it kisses perfectly off the glass, every time
CheckProtecting v.s. Extending: Exactly how to read shot blockers so you know exactly when to protect the ball and finish strong through contact — and, when to extend the ball and finish smoothly beyond his outstretched hand
CheckThe Quick Finish: A sneaky finish for small guards that tricks the big man into mis-timing his jump, so that the ball is on the glass and through the hoop before he gets a chance to contest you
CheckThe Hard Finish: How to use your body to protect the ball as you finish through contact — and, how to easily draw fouls for and-1 plays
CheckReverse Finishing: A slight twist on the classical reverse finish that makes it much, much more difficult to block
CheckThe Floater: 3 simple steps to mastering one of the most important finishes an undersized guard can add to his arsenal — the floater
Phase 3
The Ultimate 10 Minute
Finishing Workout

In phase 3, KP will give you his simple finishing circuit for training your touch, your moves, and your finishes — and, most importantly, train you to use them all instinctively, in combination, while attacking the rim under pressure.
Simply add this circuit to the beginning of ANY skill workout you’re currently doing, and you’ll see a rapid increase in your overall finishing ability.

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