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Video #1
The NBA Scoring Series
The NBA Scoring Series
The EGT coaching staff got together this summer to break down the most effective scoring moves of nearly every player in the NBA. This is the most in-depth analysis of high-level scoring technique you will find anywhere.
Video #2
Small Guard Secrets
Small Guard Secrets
Coach Damin Altizer breaks down a series of advanced “tricks” that undersized guards can use to score more points, create more plays, and out-fox every bigger, taller player who stands in your way.
Video #3
Inside The Mind Of An NBA Psychologist
Inside The Mind Of An NBA Psychologist
About a year ago, I flew the NBA’s top sports psychologist to LA, where we launched into a mesmerizing 3-hour talk on how to train your mind for extreme levels of performance on the basketball court.
Video #4
Scoring Without The Basketball
Scoring Without The Basketball
Coach Nick, creator of the famous “bballbreakdown” series teaches simple ways to put yourself in easy scoring positions, within the natural flow of the offense. This video alone can add an extra 4-6 points to your scoring average.
Video #5
Crazy Work Ethic Stories From The Pros
Crazy Work Ethic Stories From The Pros
The EGT coaches share their craziest, most motivating work ethic stories (including Coach Drew’s famous “no sweets” story) from their combined 50+ years of training and coaching at every level of the game.
Video #6
Analyzing The Athletic Body
Analyzing The Athletic Body
Dr. Janet Burns was named “Osteopath of the Year” for her work with athletes and injuries. In this series, she will teach you her best tricks for analyzing and correcting all of the body imbalances that are robbing you of explosive power and performance.
Video #7
Going Beyond Basketball
Going Beyond Basketball
World-renowned “sports philosopher” Elliott Hulse and I sat down for an hour-long interview where we discussed our ideas about basketball and life as a whole. I guarantee you, this is one of the most profound interviews you will ever watch.
Video #8
Game Day Secrets
Game Day Secrets
Coach Alan breaks down the exact game day ritual he gives to his pros, including the best foods to eat (and when to eat them), what to do the night before and the morning of your game, and how to warm up and cool down your body, along with some advanced performance tricks you won’t find anywhere else.
Video #9
Weird Drills Pros Really Use
Weird Drills Pros <u>Really</u> Use
The EGT coaches reveal their most rare and effective drills — normally only seen behind closed doors during NBA workouts — for rapidly developing every single skill in your game.
Video #10
The Best Exercises For EVERYTHING
The Best Exercises For EVERYTHING
Coach Alan gives you an A-to-Z checklist of every exercise you NEED to be doing if you want to become the strongest, fastest, and most explosive player you can possibly be.
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Last summer, I gave a closed-door talk to 30 of the top players in EGT, where I revealed some of my most advanced secrets for developing “The X Factor” in your game. As a VIP, you’ll gain instant access to the raw video footage of that talk.
Bonus #2
We recently brought all of the EGT coaches together for a rapid-fire discussion on what it REALLY takes to make it in basketball. The result was 3 hours of the most profound basketball “career” advice we have ever recorded. This series is a must-watch for any player who wants to make their living playing basketball.
Bonus #3
We brought in basketball's foremost analytics expert (and trainer to over three dozen NBA players, including Devin Booker) to record a series of game film breakdowns.This is (literally) like having a pro coach beside you, explaining elite - level playing concepts most players will never know.
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I’ve been filming this series of whiteboard teaching videos for our VIP members for almost five years now, where I’ve shared all of the concepts that are too advanced to include in our regular programs. As a VIP, you’ll gain access to ALL of these videos.
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A few years ago, one of our members spent an entire day following me around with a camera so I could share all of the daily practices that have helped my success both on and off the court. This our members’ all-time favourite series.
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