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What the Pros are Saying:

  • Jrue Holiday says:


    "These are the type of workouts that can take you from being good in practice to being good in games. If you want to reach the highest levels of basketball, Elite Guard training will give you the skills you need to get there."

    sign Jrue Holiday,
    New Orleans Pelicans PG, NBA
  • Norris Cole Says:


    "Elite Guard Training's combination of game-situation drills with quick repetitions is a necessity to improvement; especially at the professional level. I was always taught that you get out of something what you put into it. Game speed intensity and repetition was and remains essential to my workouts."

    sign Norris Cole,
    Miami Heat PG, NBA.
    2 Time NBA Champion
  • Bradley Beal Says:


    "You've gotta have the attitude that you will train harder and with more intensity than any other player, that training doesn't stop when your body gives up, but when your mind gives up. If you've got what it takes to do that, then Elite Guard Training is where you need to be."

    sign Bradley Beal,
    Washington Wizards SG, NBA
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No More "500 Shots Per Day" Workouts... Introducing High Intensity Basketball Training

Instead of spending hours per day shooting hundreds of shots and running through amateur-level drills, you'll use shorter more intense workouts that are designed to mimic a real game.

We're going to pack even more repetitions into each of these high intensity workouts than you'd normally do in a 500-shot session. Come prepared to work harder than you've ever worked in your life.

Meet Coach Taylor Allan

Watch now to see how I used these same High Intensity guard workouts to increase my scoring average from 11 PPG to 24 PPG in just one summer, landing a basketball scholarship to my dream school… Before turning a career ending disaster into a basketball training philosophy followed by over 100,000 players worldwide.

We pack hundreds of high speed, game-specific repetitions into
fast-paced 90 minute workouts that are custom-built to to give you:
  • Ball-On-A-String HandlesTake the ball anywhere you want to go on the floor
  • Deadly Jump ShootingDevelop a lightning-quick, automatic shooting stroke
  • World-Class Scoring InstinctsInject massive offensive firepower into your game
  • Explosive On-Court QuicknessGain lightning fast first step speed
  • Laser-Accurate PassingSkyrocket your assists per game
  • Lock Down DefenseBecome your team's go-to defensive stopper

Here's What The Program Looks Like:

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  • OFF-Season


    You'll use it:

    During the spring and summer season, when you're not playing team ball. Can be used during AAU season.

    You'll work out:

    4 days per week for 90 minutes per session, with optional 5th and 6th workouts each week, plus scrimmaging.

    You'll train for:

    12 weeks on this program before moving on to the pre-season program.

  • pre-season


    You'll use it:

    In the fall, while you're getting ready to "peak" for your real season and get in elite level game shape.

    You'll work out:

    4 days per week for 90 minutes per session, with optional 5th and 6th workouts each week, plus scrimmaging.

    You'll train for:

    4 weeks on this program before moving on to the pre-season program.

  • IN-season


    You'll use it:

    In the winter during your main season, to continue improving your skill set without overtraining.

    You'll work out:

    2 days per week for 45 minutes per session, separate from your team games and practices

    You'll train for:

    Until your season is over and you can begin the offseason program.

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What Our Players are Saying:

  • players1plaS

    "I play in the Australian GBL. I haven't stopped training and the results are pouring in. Everything you've shown works perfectly, and it's really paying off man. Feeling untouchable! It seems like I'm always saying thank you, but for real thank you for helping me achieve my goals. Couldn't have done it without you."

  • players2plaS

    "Your program helped me realize my potential and they have helped me be a better scorer, shooter and overall better player. My scoring average has increase a ton, and so has my confidence. I finally know that I am capable of being a great ballplayer."

  • players3plaS

    "It doesnt matter if your looking to make the cut for the 8th grade basketball team or if you are looking to get a basketball scholarship, Elite Guard Training will have your back and is the best resource in basketball today in my opinion to help you reach your basketball goals."

  • players4plaS

    "I'm a 6'3" wing, and I can testify 100% - Taylor Allan knows what he's doing! I trained using the Elite Guard Training methods for one offseason, and I can honestly say I have made a massive increase in my skills. Even though it is rigorous, if you really want improvements in your basketball game, get Taylor Allan's stuff."

  • players5plaS

    "Just wanted to say thanks for your training - my ball handling has improved now I can beat anyone off the dribble! You have some of the best programs I've used and my game keeps getting better! I can't wait to show up next season and shock everyone with my new game. Thank you so much!"

  • players6plaS

    "I am only 12 years old, using the youth program. With your help I was able to score my career high against one of the best teams in New Jersey. I just want to say thank you for helping me so greatly, I've been wanting to send this to you for a while now."

  • playersplayers

    "Until I received your program I never knew I could play the way I do now, score the way I do, and help my teammates score. You gave me a confident mindset of knowing that no matter what happens, I have the scoring ability that will get me to the next level and I am ready to face anyone."

  • playersplayers

    "Taylor's training sessions far surpassed our expectations. He customized a program that delivered quick results for my 10 year old son Chris. The previous season Chris was just a player on his team. This year he was the "go to guy" thanks to Taylor's teaching abilities. If you are serious about becoming a better player, train with Taylor Allan."

  • playersplayers

    "I play semi pro right now in the IBL, as a 6'3" combo guard - I led my team the Gary Splash. I am familiar with just about everything you speak of. It sounded absolutely like a must have because I am always looking to better myself and tap into my full potential."

  • playersplayers

    "Elite Guard Training is the place for serious players to take their game to the next level. Taylor's training is innovative and flat-out gets results. Taylor's knowledge goes beyond just basketball skill training and his programs and techniques incorporate all aspects of development that players need to dominate."

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Just shoot us a quick email at [email protected] and we'll give you every penny back, no questions asked.


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Complete Year-Round Training Off-season, pre-season, in-season, and youth programs included Worksheets & Logbooks Every workout and training schedule fully detailed for you Advanced Training Video Library Bonus videos on supercharging your guard play
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Answers to Your Questions

Do I need a gym to do the program or will an outdoor court work?

Answer: I used to do it on my driveway when I was younger. It's designed to work indoors AND outdoors.

I'm a forward. Will this work for me too?

Answer: Yes. Forwards who need to handle the ball, shoot, and attack the rim will see their game explode with EGT. However - if you're a big man with no plans of ever making the transition to the perimeter, this isn't the right program for you.

Do I need a partner to do the workouts?

Answer: It will work equally well for you whether you train alone or with a partner.

Does it work for younger players too?

Answer: Yes, and we have included a "Youth" version of the program in your package today. This is ideal for players younger than 13 years old.

Does Elite Guard Training work for females?

Answer: Yes, it works equally as well for females as it does for males.

I'm a coach. Can I use Elite Guard Training with my players?

Answer: Yes, we have lots of coaches in our program who depend on our program to develop their guys. The drills can be used in a group setting just as easily as in an individual workout.

Can I lift weights and do jump training while using EGT?

Answer: Absolutely - we recommend that you do your lifting and jump training either after your EGT workouts, or 4-6 hours later in the day.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Answer: The biggest results come at three different phases of the program: During the first week of training, during the 3rd week of training, and during the 8th week of training. After 12 weeks, most players have completely transformed.