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The Ultimate 30 Day
Rapid Transformation System
For Basketball Players

NBA pro
"If you get a chance to work out with Alan, MAKE SURE you do. It was truly a blessing to meet him."
Kevin Durant, 2014 NBA MVP
Here Are Just A Few Of The Pros Drew And Alan Work With...

Here's Your Chance To Work With
The Best 1-2 Punch
In Basketball Training

Meet Coach Drew & Coach Alan
Coach Alan
Drew Hanlen
The #1 Skills Coach In Basketball
Drew will be in charge of your:
Jump Shooting
Ball Handling
Scoring Moves
Game Instincts & IQ
Alan Stein
The #1 Athletic Performance In Basketball
Alan will be in charge of your:
Vertical Jump
Strength & Muscle
Speed & Quickness
Explosive Power
Combined, Alan & Drew have over 20 years of experience training NBA players at all facets of the game - skills, strenght, speed, and explosive power. With Drew in charge of your on-court workout skills, and Alan in charge of your athletic performance workouts, there is literally no way you can fail.
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Finally Get Access To The Same
30 Day Rapid Transformation System
NBA Players Use When Multi-Million
Dollar Contracts Are On The Line

Main product
Here's How The Program Works:
Every Day (For 30 Days) You'll Receive:
Your Daily Skill Workout
Your Daily
Skill Workout
(from Coach Drew)
Your Daily Performance Workout
Your Daily
Performance Workout
(from Coach Alan)
Your Daily Video Update
Your Daily
Video Update
(from Coach Drew & Alan)
Day Zero: Test
Phase 0

Use the same 30 minute test Drew puts all of his NBA clients through to measure their current skill levels — and, to identify a target goal for the end of the 30 day training.

Day 1 - Day 9: Unlock
Phase 1

Phase 1 is all about using high frequency training to unlock the skill that’s already inside of you — until you’re performing at your REAL, full potential just 9 days from today.

Day 10 - Day 20: Amplify
Phase 3

Now that you’ve unlocked the skill already inside of you, phase 2 is all about amplifying that skill to all new levels with Alan & Drew’s most extreme training methods.

Day 21 - Day 30: Peak
Phase 4

In phase 3, we’ll strategically manipulate your workouts so that you peak perfectly on the last day of the program — finally reaching your new, full potential as a basketball player.

Day 31: Realize
Phase 5

Now we’ll find out how good you’ve really become. Take the same 30 minute NBA Skills Test you performed on Day 0 and cement your new level of skill for everyone to see!

This Program Is Not For
The Faint Of Heart.

This is the same training NBA pros use...
...when they’re preparing for their upcoming seasons.
The workouts are ruthlessly designed to unlock every part of your game in the shortest period of time possible.
So, if you’re not willing to:
WarningTrain twice per day, every day
WarningPerform every workout at a maximum intensity
WarningPush through fatigue until your game finally "unlocks"
...then please,
do not attempt this program.

But, if you've got what it takes...
Here's what you can expect
Just 30 days from today:

Rapid Improvements In Every Major Skill…
…Including shooting, ball handling, playmaking, and scoring.
Explosive Increases In Strength And Power…
…Finally giving you the athleticism you’ve always wanted.
Rock-Solid Gains In Muscle Mass…
…That turn you into a beast on the court.
Develop Go-To Scoring & Playmaking Ability…
…And finally claim your spot as the leader of your team.
Finally Unlock Your TRUE Basketball Potential…
…And experience the best season of your life, this season.

The 1-Year EGT Guarantee

365 Days of Results, Or We Pay For Your Program

Feel safe and secure as you place your order, knowing that you can get a full refund any time in the next year, if you decide you don’t like the training.
We’ve been offering this guarantee for over 7 years, and less than 3% of our players ever take us up on it — because our programs work. So start training now, with the confidence that you’re finally about to get the results you’ve been looking for. We guarantee it.

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